Episode 15 - Fritter Life ft. Big Spice

Order in!

Janna and Kyle get Midwest as this week. We’ve all had pork fritters, but have you had one of OUR fritters? Marinate your tempeh. don’t be afraid to let the things sit and think about what they’ve done, either. Why not make some potatoes that are earthy as hell as well? Don’t forget the pickles and mustard……… or else.

Tempeh (6-8oz, 7oz Worcestershire sc, 2tblsp Garlic & Onion Powder, 3tsp Alvin’s hot sc)

Breading (3/4 cup Panko breading, 3 1/2 tblsp Red Curry Powder, 1 1/2 tblsp Chipotle Chili Powder, 1 tblsp Sweet Paprika)

Potatoes (1 Lg Potato, 1 Tomato, 8 tsp Soy Sauce, 5 tsp Garlic & Onion Powder)

Whole Wheat Buns

Pickles, Onion, Tomato

Lemon Dill Aioli, Mayo

Kyle Witt