Episode 20 - Bing Bong Chili


Order in!

It’s time for that savory dark wonder. For us, chili has gots to be thicc af and as dark as any number of lesser demons. Want spice? add some hot sauce! Otherwise get ready for a very chill chili experience.

Does an egg make anything better? Let’s find out!


1 1/2lbs Mushrooms

1 Onion

7 Tomatoes (4 red, 3 yellow)

30oz Black & Kidney Beans (15oz each)

16oz Cocoa-infused Porter/Porter

24oz Tomato Paste

Feta Cheese, Micro-greens(as garnishes)

1 egg

3tsp Peanut Butter

7 3/4oz El Pato

6-8tblsp Minced Garlic



4 1/2tblsp Ancho Chile Powder

1tsp Cumin

1 1/2tsp Oregano

Salt (if needed)

1tblsp Paprika

3tblsp Onion Powder

2tblsp Garlic Powder

Kyle Witt