Episode 21 - Citrus-Garlic Tofu Times

Order in!

This week we intended to go Thai - but boy did we end up somewhere else. The ingredients may lie in the Thai space, but what was to be a red curry sauce came out closer to a garlic/citrus wedding. All vegan too! the pea-protien half and half has become a staple in the kitchen for us.

Want an Asian-inspired dish on the mellow side? This is it! add heat if you want, but something tells us that this bad boy is good on it’s own.


7 1/2oz Tofu (xtra firm)
2 Tomaotes, 1/2 an Onion

1/2 Poblano, 1 Bell pepper

Lemon for zest

2 Mushrooms

1/2cup Jasmine Rice


1/3 Onion

1 1/2tblsp Lemon juice

1/4cup Water

1/2 Poblano pepper

1 bunch Cilantro

1 1/2cup Mint leaves

1/2tsp Salt

1cup Coconut milk

1tblsp Butter

3tsp Minced Garlic

Red Curry Powder

Kyle Witt